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Why you need to vote for Ross:

* Voted against the Amelia Bluff zoning change, against Simmons Road Park and opposed the Atlantic Avenue Hotel.

* Voted against the "Motor-Centric Complex" at the Airport.

* Lowered 2020 City Taxes from the 2019 millage rate of 6.3553 to 5.4683.  Many City residents will see roughly an 11 % drop in their CITY Taxes.

* Initiated the Land Conservation Program in the City.

* Thoroughly digs into topics that come before the Commission - I do my homework.

* Returns all constituent e-mails and phone calls.

* Reaches out to all members of the Community to promote collaboration and consensus.

* Voted to preserve open space, conservation land, tree canopy and wetlands.

* Voted to repair and revitalize the Marina and waterfront.

* Voted to preserve the Historic District and promote downtown.

* Continually votes to preserve our diverse city and its island character.

* Continually assists neighborhoods and citizens with addressing their concerns:

  The only Commissioner to meet with residents on Division Street to solve a lingering parking problem.

  The only Commissioner to meet with residents on Ocean Avenenue to address beach walkover concerns.

  The only Commissioner to meet with residents and stakeholders to resolve the Sadler Beach Parking issue.

  The only Commissioner to meet with the Housing Authority to meet their needs.



























































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